You’ll never catch me slipping…

blog21Hi guys! This week’s topic is quite interesting don’t you think? I don’t know about you, but it really made me think hard about how much information is disclosed without us acknowledging it. I have had a Facebook account since 2009, and it used to be quite open- not in a sense of strangers being able to see everything I post, but it wasn’t completely private as I used to accept almost every friend request. However, as time has gone by, I feel like my profile is no longer mine, so I don’t use it as much. In fact, I’m thinking of making a new one. However, if you try to search for me on, I guarantee you won’t find me, and even if you do, you won’t find any embarrassing pictures because everything actually is in my control.

Other information that you will find about me will come from either Twitter or LinkedIn, which is quite alright, seeing as I use both platforms for career purposes. Also, the information on LinkedIn is only accessible to fellow users of the site.

Put it this way, I have an online presence, but I’m cautious as to how much access one might have to my details. Therefore I prefer to separate my personal platform from my professional platform. This way I have more privacy and control over the information that is shared online about me.

How about you all? How visible are you, and have you ever had your privacy invaded?


  1. I think it’s a great idea to separate your personal space in the Internet from this one which you use in professional purposes. In this way you can control what your future employer can find about you during doing research about yourself. I also think it’s really important to protect our privacy in the Internet and I see you have the same view and take care of that. Well done!


  2. I think keeping professional and personal platforms separated is a great idea. I personally do the same, using my birth given surname ‘Davis’ for platforms that I know could impact my future career, so I only really use that for LinkedIn. I, too, spend a lot less of my time on Facebook. In fact, I mostly use it for sharing BuzzFeed videos and untagging myself from pictures from a night out!

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