The global twitter community

When Twitter was first launched in 2006, its growth was huge. Though we already had Facebook, myspace, and many more social networking sites, twitter was original, more open and free; yet somehow managing to bring together people with different interests and voices from across the world into an online community. Twitter gave all generations an unconditional and unrestricted voice.Twitter-Icon

There was something about the use of hashtags, that could bring people from around the world, sparking a conversation on the same topic just by putting a hashtag the end of the tweet. For example take #Jesuischarlie in 2015, after the attacks in Paris, the hashtags became one of the most famous in history, and created huge amounts of support for the people of Paris.

Though other social media platforms showed support as well, twitter allows people to speak their mind more freely. Though in my opinion, that can also be a disadvantage. Particularly with my generation, constantly updating their twitter every second of the day, I do sometimes believe, some thoughts are best kept in your mind. No, I do not need to know in 140 characters that Susan has just has another cheese-string #cheeseobsession.

However, by allowing people to talk to freely, and speak their mind completely, this also comes with the risk of online abuse, which I see as a huge shame with twitter. Particularly with people in the public eye. There is voicing your opinion, but then there is people just being plain rude. Yet I doubt this will ever stop the tweeting phenomenon.




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