ME heart it

What better example for an online positive community than one called We Heart It?!

The best thing about We Heart It is that it is a visual free-for-BKLx9ZM7all. Also, users can share everything from landscape photography to funny image macros, from Disney movie stills to outfit photos. After a quick sign-up everyone is free to endlessly scroll through the site’s kaleidoscopic fare, clicking on the ones they like to “heart” and save them. Yes, you can actually save them unlike Instagram.

Apart from a tagging system, there are no words allowed on the website. Members communicate purely through visual expression. To some extent, maybe this is a limitation as people sharing an interest for fashion or photography, for instance, cannot connect to each other.  However, there is a positive side to it – no bullying, offensive or teasing comments under pictures.

For those looking for something in particular, various sections or ‘Inspirations’ are made to facilitate the search. Fancy photos from the Academy Awards? Oscars section is there.

Combining Pinterest’s image-sharing platform with Tumblr’s teenage appeal, We Heart It is a perfect storm of what becomes viral success on the visual Web. It has a hit with 20 million users, who just can’t get enough of it.


  1. I’ve used We Heart It a number of times and it is pretty useful if you’re looking for a specific picture or type of image that you’ve seen online somewhere and you do not have to sift through a lot of irrelevant posts on Tumblr or Facebook for example before you find it. Although with the amount of repeated pictures I come across, I guess it could also be a limitation for photographers who’s work may get taken without being credited properly.

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  2. I absolutely love ‘We heart it’! It’s one of my favorite sites which I visit due to look for some inspiration, for example when I look for new hairstyle or some fashion outfit. I can scroll it through hours. It’s surprisingly easy to use, and it’s 100% visible so we don’t need to spend our time on reading anything. For me, personally, it’s one of not many platforms, where comments are not necessary, so I don’t think it’s a disadvantage.

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  3. I’ve come across this site several times and agree its a fantastic way to connect over common interests. The lack of words/comments I find to be the best part as I use it to gain inspiration for mood boards/planning and do not want to be distracted from the image itself. Being able to connect with others who have a common interest with you but only through the use of images makes the experience of using the site unique, for example you don’t have to see spam commenting on some of you favourite images.

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  4. I’ve never come across this site before, nor heard of it. However, it seems like something I’ll check out from what you have mentioned about it. With it being like instagram, I’m guessing I will like it. The fact you can actually save the photos is definitely a cool feature.

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