Good ol’ Facebook

For me the most obvious example of an online community would be Facebook. Initially developed in 2004 as a Harvard University social networking site for students, it has succeed exponentially since then, with a gaining of 845 million active users worldwide.
The reason for popularity is that it projects itself as a new communications means. Unlike phones, and emails, users have more alternatives of connecting and communicating with others. Facebooks offers platforms whereby people are able to create personal profile, join groups that share the same interest, share photos and videos with others and most importantly provide an opportunity to connect with others living in different parts of the world. Most recently, Facebook has develop an online phoning system on the Facebook app, where people are able to call others freely by using the Wi-Fi connection oppose to paying for their calls.

Facebook logo and people silhouetted with their phones
The downfall of Facebook or any other social network provider for that matter, is the legitimises of some of these personal profiles. People can steal and claims others information and photos as their own. Although Facebook has a system where people are able to report the incident, it is not always taken down. Another disadvantage are known as trolls. Trolls are people who post abuse on others profile causing people to feel an immense amount anxiety stress and a times suicidal. The problem is there a certain anonymity within Facebook, where it is difficult to retrieve an accurate identity of someone. Plus as Facebook has confidential obligation, it will not always, unless under special circumstance, i.e. organized crime or terrorists, reveal the true identity others.



  1. Without a doubt, Facebook can be seen as one of the greatest online communities there is. Although as you mentioned, I agree with the huge downfalls of it from trolls that cyber-bully and steal other’s information. It also links to our surveillance and privacy lecture where we now live in an age where we have to be careful with what we choose to share about ourselves online. Great post!

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  2. Facebook is a unique as it was one of the first social media websites to take flight yet it is still relevant today. It is also unique in that it as online community which is based on real-life connections and circles of friendships. This makes trolling and anonymity risks on Facebook more scary!

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