Cole & Marmalade

I always find myself on social media liking posts of animals all day long, which has lead me to a number of different online communities that are dedicated to pets such as Cole and Marmalade. This is a like page on Facebook that is about two cats, it is mainly pictures of them both that is posted but they also post about more serious topics; rather than just posting pictures of two cute cats.

For example they recently posted on their page about Marmalade having FIV which is basically HIV/AIDS for cats, and how people should adopt cats with FIV not just over look them. This is such a positive thing because it brings attention to FIV which is not as bad as it sounds and how people should not be put off by it when adopting, they have also posted about other pages on Facebook that support cancer patients to bring attention to that as well.

marm FIV

It has created a online community of cat lovers who regularly engage in conversation with others on the site and can share their favourite photo’s of their own animals, it engages people from all over the world and even if you don’t comment and post you can still enjoy the cute pictures and videos of cats!

People benefit from participating in this online community by meeting people from all over the world who share the same interest as them, which is nice especially if you don’t share the same interests as your friends; I have a few friends who don’t like cats or animals in general but it is a big part of my interests.

Cole & Marmalade Facebook Page


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  1. Despite being allergic to cats (tragic I know) it is great to see a genuine example of a simple online community that can do a lot of good like raising awareness of FIV.
    This seems to be a really positive example of Facebook being a platform for connecting with like-minded people too. It also makes a nice contrast to other groups on Facebook that promote hate, like Britain First, as an example.

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