BuzzFeed: Our Guilty Pleasure

It may not be the most reliable source of news on the internet, but I can’t be the only one of us who has a guilty pleasure for reading BuzzFeed. With 200 million monthly unique visitors, a lot people all over the world are getting their fill of celebrity gossip, politics and of course, adorable animals who are better at life than you.

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Shockingly true and disappointing

If you sign up to BuzzFeed and create an account, there are opportunities to leave responses to articles, videos and of course one of the most popular aspects of the website—the quizzes. With an account on BuzzFeed, you can even go ahead and create your own articles or quizzes to generate responses from other people all over the world with similar interests to you. It may not be a conventional online community, and of course there may be some limitations with making new friendships or having your work criticised, but overall it gives teenagers and young adults a chance to enhance their writing skills and it can bring people together from all over the world to discuss their similar interests.

The best thing is even if you do not sign up to BuzzFeed, you can take a quiz and share it on your own social media or other online community, getting responses and laughs out of your friends.

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  1. I think this is a good example of a online community because like you said its not like your normal community, I must admit that I do go on the quizzes a lot as well and I always see people sharing their results on Facebook. Like today I saw my friend making a joke about a buzzfeed quiz how posh are you and she got 2%, its all a good laugh and gets people communicating with one another.

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  2. I think this is a good example of an online community. It is unique in that most of us access it’s content via our social media feeds which are personalised. Therefore, the shared Buzzfeed content is relative to our friends interests. When we identify a common interest or share a joke with a friend or even just an acquaintance this helps create a stronger sense of community on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

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