Yahoo Answers!

Have you ever needed to know the answer to that grating question you just can’t think of the answer to? Well, you’re probably very familiar with Yahoo answers then! The user directed site host thousands of questions that other users aim to answer and the ‘best answers’ are moderated by the community to rise to the top. The greater the amount of genuine moderators, the more useful the answers become which leads to an array of topics that can be discussed: anything from computer software inquiries to trivia questions about the Olympics.

A key challenge users face in the community is a mix of people who upload joke questions and spam with troll answers. Some serious health questions can receive answers that could potentially have harmful consequences. To combat this, any answer can be marked as inappropriate however this does require having to sign into an account to submit a request. Also, the ability to mark a ‘best answer’ means the most suitable answers are seen first.

This means the content is self moderated in order to cover the vast amount of questions and answers posted everyday. It would be physically impossible for a group of Yahoo employees to check each upload so giving tools to every user that allows them to make reports is a way to mark out and highlight questions/answers that may need removing.

A selection of questions


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  1. I’m pretty sure everyone has gone to yahoo answers to get an answer to something. It’s wide spread availability of answers makes it accessible to almost anyone. You usually find that you don’t have to ask the questions because the question has already been asked before and the answers are there already. This is what makes it quick and easy. All you need to do is search for the question and look at the answer.

    If the question hasn’t been asked before you need to wait for a response which may be quick or you’ll be left with no response. This is a downside to the site because you may want a quick answer to your question. However, from my experience I have always found the answer to a question I have pondered.

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