Wikipedia, our helpful friend who is always there for us when we need to know something quickly and simply. We really take Wikipedia for granted nowadays; I can’t remember a single day where I haven’t just quickly searched for something. I personally love Wikipedia because I am one of those people who when they just randomly think about something when I’m at home, ill go on Wikipedia and research it for literally hours… just a few days ago I was watching Apollo 13, I then paused the movie half way through and was reading about all the Apollo missions for 2 and a half hours! Completely just losing track of time and I do this a lot with a wide variety of subjects. Something will just spontaneously pop into my head, and thanks to Wikipedia I can find out new information about this random topic. Now I’m sure that everyone who is reading this has been told by a teacher/lecturer/seminar leader that they should never use Wikipedia because its unreliable and you cant validate the facts that said on there. That is true because Wikipedia is one huge community where people can edit information on the pages (as long as its appropriate). Personally, I have never finished a piece of work without having a quick glance at the Wikipedia page and I know that a lot of you do the same. That being said I would never base a whole essay on what I find on Wikipedia, just a few basic facts that could be found anywhere. Lets face it, things would be much harder to find without Wikipedia!


  1. Wikipedia, although not completely trustworthy, is a great site and really links into last weeks topic of audience participation. On Wikipedia we are able to be both authors and users of information; which I believe is the entire concept behind any successful online community.


  2. Wikipedia is a very interesting online community that has managed to completely render traditional encyclopedias pretty much obsolete. The ability to keep the site constantly up to date with a variety of facts in almost any topic means it is not hard to understand just why it is so popular. Despite how there is a common conception that the site is untrustworthy, there are powerful tools that mean edits can’t be made and published without being cleared by a moderator, so I do believe much of the information posted is legit


  3. I can agree with your statement that Wikipedia is used by many people, to find all sorts of information quickly. However I do not use it whatsoever when it comes to my essay writing, as I have personally seen incorrect information about a certain subject which has quite frankly been a joke. Luckily I knew it was misleading information therefore found it funny as well. But to somebody who didn’t know this, they may have mistaken it for fact. When I’m not writing essays I do however briefly use the site to gain useful bits of data fast.


  4. Personally I find Wikipedia on the most useful things ever created on earth. I check Wikipedia an average of a couple of times per day. I know it is not 100% certified and accurate but honestly, most of the information are right. I have never found anything that has later been revealed as false. If I have to write an essay or something important I don’t search information on Wikipedia, or I make sure to double check the ones that I found. Anyway, Wikipedia is very helpful and it guarantees you not to waste a lot of time searching in millions of books.


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