The Student Room.

We’re all students here, so I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of the online community called ‘The Student Room’ (2001 – 2016).


I love this site and still use it occasionally, although I found it most useful throughout sixth form when making the ‘biggest decision of your life’ to go to university.


This online community has such a wide target audience which makes it handy for most teens and young adults. It’s home menu breaks the site down into categories such as ‘GCSE’, ‘A-Level’ and ‘Applying to Uni’ then goes on to feature more pages such as ‘Forums’ where you’re able to discuss absolutely anything (okay, so you should probably keep it fairly P.G).

Usernames are used throughout this site so if you want to remain completely anonymous, you can, whilst still getting the benefits of the site. There aren’t many limitations to this site as it’s regularly updated with new questions, answer and information which makes it so handy when you’re wanting to find out, for example, ‘does the freshers flu  really exist?’ (the answer, for the record, is 100% yes!)

Occasionally, you do get the odd unhelpful comment on forums which can be a bit of a time waster. Also, because the site is aimed for the teenager market, it can sometimes lack a professional feel as there is no strong ‘adult’ presence due to most of the content being comments provided by teenagers of varying ages.

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  1. The Student Room was extremely useful for me while looking for uni in England. I could immerse in comments of other students and get to know a real opinion about universities, which turned up to be slightly different than nice and encouraging description on their websites and brochures. I could also ask about finance, student loan etc, what was something absolutely new for me. So I found a forum really practical and handy. It provides also many other information which are essential when you apply for uni, so I would highly recommend it for every student!

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