Taylor Swift & Swifties

As a PR student one celebrity who I admire for their fantastic PR skills is Taylor Swift. Swift understands how important it is to have the media and her loyal fans wrapped around her little finger to further her success. PR Week wrote an article about Swift and shows the three key elements to her PR success, two of the points being about fans.


Swift herself is available on various platforms and interacts with fans through social media sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram by liking and commenting on their posts. Her devoted – and what some people may class as insane – fans will literally stay up all night and reach their post limit on Tumblr, just to try and gain recognition from the artist herself.



Not only does Swift interact with fans through her social media sites, there is also an official site dedicated to  fans that allow them to create an online profile and interact directly with other Swifties – the name given to Swift’s fanbase. This site is called Taylor Connect and can be found on Swift’s official website. This site allows fans to ‘find friends’, participate in ‘fan forums’ about topics such as the 1989 World Tour, as well as create their own blogs dedicated to all things Taylor Swift.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 13.56.39.png

Not only is there an official fansite for the Swiftie online community, Swift created a company called ‘Taylor Nation’ who also have social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. This organisation focuses on acting as a fan account, therefore using humour that fans can relate with to engage and get them excited at times when Swift is unavailable, such as when she’s at an award show. These accounts encourage fans to participate and solidify their passion for the artist and her work.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 14.08.20.png

Not only does this create a lot of coverage for Swift when she otherwise wouldn’t be able to be on social media, but it also strengthens the fans’ loyalty and dedication as they want to be recognised by her team just as much as they want to be recognised by her.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 14.13.37.png

I’ve never had a Taylor Connect account, but I have interacted with Taylor Nation through Twitter. Have you ever been part of an online community to support a celebrity?



  1. I never knew she had her own website or a company named after herself. But it is fair to stay that Swift and her team know what they’re doing when it comes to advertising and merchandise!
    All of this, of course, is great – fans get to communicate, find out the latest updates, they’re the first ones exposed to tour dates.
    Yet, this seems as a bit maniacal obsession…One’s fame and self-selling overshadow more important global issues.

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  2. Swift definitely knows what she’s doing, anyone who thinks she’s just a silly pop singer is mistaken, she is smart and that’s making her huge amounts of money! Although it can seem crazy at times, it’s true that fans love to feel connected to a celebrity, especially if it’s someone that they feel has made a big impact on their life. By being there to communicate with the fans herself, she is almost showing that she is a real person and makes the fans feel like they matter and are special too because she’s making time for them.

    Being in an online community like this can also really help fans communicate and come together. I’m part of a Facebook group for a singer and it can be a really lovely space, depending on what you make it. People share photos of gigs they’ve been to and arrange meet-ups before gigs to hang out. This all in return, works well for the artist because they are connecting positive experiences with their music.

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  3. It is really interesting that more and more globally successful artists like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga etc. have these cult fan followings; that have names and are (sometimes aggressively) devoted to them. And social media certainly has made this a thing – there was no huge online community for S Club 7 was there? Also, why are bands like S Club 7 not a thing any more? Bands targeted almost exclusively at children seem to have ceased to exist.


  4. having to being constantly connected with your fans can’t be easy but I will give it to Taylor it is a smart move. Yes she may have to answer maybe 300 post day but her social network is her very own and free focus, By having that connection with fans, she’s able to understand there wants, need and fear. Information thats is so valuable in out society. In having that ‘gold’ data, she’s able to bring out merchandise, and ideas in line with her fan likening. I guess I would call this a ‘I scratch your back and you scratch mine’ relationship in some ways.


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