Spotify: Streaming and Discovering


Although possibly not the most obvious option when you think of online communities, Spotify does maintain a significant online presence, as well as building communities and connecting people. The music streaming site was formed in 2008 and was a big turning point for music. However, not necessarily for the better. It has faced criticism from many angles, most notably when Taylor Swift caused a stir removing all of her music from the site.

Despite this, Spotify are still going strong, being reported to have currently over 75 million users. Not only does it provide people with almost endless genres of music but you can also make your own playlists, naming them and dragging and dropping a whole variety of songs into that category. What’s more, you have the choice to follow playlists made by others, enabling you to interact with your friends, exploring their music tastes and perhaps even discovering new music.

Spotify Example

At Christmas, I was able to indulge in all of the festive favourites by following this playlist.

In addition, like most things today, you can also connect your account with Facebook, meaning what you listen to will appear on your timeline. This makes the community spread further and become more shareable. Seeing what someone is listening to on Facebook may influence you to click on it and in return discover some new music.

There are limitations in the sense that the news has shamed them, to a degree. As well as this, unless you sign up and pay for the ‘premium account’, then your music flow is interrupted occasionally by a rather annoying advert.




  1. I think this a great example and not one that would automatically spring to mind. The interconnectivity of all online communities is actually turning the internet into one online community. Even on WordPress, we can share on Facebook and Twitter. Much like Spotify, there is the chance to branch out into several online communities; which is positive especially in our profession for exposure.


  2. I personally have found endless amounts of music whilst browsing Spotify, from a range of different artists which I admire. Spotify has introduced me to some of their music which I would have been otherwise oblivious to, and would have found it difficult to find on YouTube or SoundCloud, had I not known the correct title of the track.


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