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Is there a question, silly or serious, that you have always wanted to know the answer to? Whether you want to ask a specific question or stroll through the list of other questions that people have answered to, AskReddit is a platform that allows that. Reddit is a website comprised of thousands of user-originated and operated communities, called ‘subreddits’, or ‘subs’, dedicated to a variety of interests. Some of these subreddits allow for posting of pictures, videos, articles, and other links, while others allow for only ‘self-posts’, posts that do not redirect away from the page. Askreddit is a sub location to post questions – hence the name.

The site has many other subreddits that hold a community around what the topic is. While this can be used in an informative way, it can also be seen as entertainment. Some may ask about serious questions while others want to hear about people’s embarrassing stories. The community is very active and there is always users available at any time.

The website as a whole is operated by the ‘Administrators’, or ‘Admins’, who oversee the official business operations. Subreddits are operated by ‘Moderators’, who perform a variety of functions within that community, including removing spam and determining and enforcing the rules of their subreddit. AskReddit has a set of rules that every user my abide to if they want to contribute to the discussions on the page. The rules are set to protect the community and to keep it in a calm and collective state so people can get the answers they want without joke or troll answers. However, it is dependent on the type of post the user makes, if it is a serious question intended for serious answers then a [serious] tag must be put on the post.

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  1. Askreddit is a great platform where a community shares and discusses a variety of topics. I think it is an interesting way for everyday people to share extraordinary stories that you would never hear about otherwise. I think the fact that there is a rule that all submissions must be able to invoke a discussion means that the list of questions shown all have a level of quality to them that makes them interesting and further convinces the community to keep contributing to the site

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  2. I like browsing through askreddit, as I can often fins questiins that I’ve never thought about and get inspired from the others’ answers. I also like the AskMeAnything section of reddit, it’s a really interesting way to learn about a celebrity or a special filed.


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