Well, Pinterest is absolutely one of my favorite tools to look for some creative ideas. Although the fact that Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann describe it as ‘catalog of ideas’ rather than social network, I think it undoubtedly is a place where people create online community.

If someone isn’t familiar with its website or app yet, should go there and check it at least once.  I am pretty sure that everyone will find something for themselves. Pinterest’s users provide a wide range of proposals. You will discover unique and visual conception of new hairstyle, outfit, Art, gifts you can made for someone, receipts for delicious and healthy meals,  tatoos, home decor. You will also locate new places which are worth to visit them, or find out some original quotes. What’s more you can track your favorite celebrity’s or sportsperson’s lifestyle.


That all things are accumulated in one place and easy to reach them. To make your life easier all ideas are categorized and tagged so it’s really simple to search what you are looking for. If you really like something you can ‘pin it’ to created by yourself board. 

Pinterest’s users absolutely benefit from using the website. They can not only gain many new ideas and share their passions with others. They can comment and improve their ideas, saying how something could be done better. It gives a wonderful chance to inspire someone even to change the lifestyle. What’ more it’s 100% visual, so you don’t need to read anything.  Are there any disadvantages of Pinterest then? Well, probably you have 10x more pins of things which you want, compared to things you have. 😦 




  1. Oh Pinterest and its billions of projects you want to try but never end up carrying out. Or if you do – they will most likely qualify as a fail.
    This site is one of the biggest online communities in the world, and the most creative amidst them in my opinion. One can find DIY or any other projects on everything. By everything I mean EVERYTHING. Nonetheless, the best characteristic about Pinterest is its community members – as you said, they help each other out, suggest better ways of doing something, give a warning of what to avoid. Not only that but Pinterest is also a useful tool for those Youtubers who try out if these projects can actually work in real life, for example, Man vs Pin, Pinterest Beauty Hacks Tested – these are surely fun to watch.


  2. Absolutely love Pinterest. It’s so easy to use which makes it a happier online experience. There’s always something to inspire you on this site and it never gets boring. It’s hard to find limitations with it, although it might be interesting if the site were to have a central hub for conversations , because the ‘messages’ feature is not often used.


  3. I have Pinterest and although I don’t use it that often, I think it’s a really great idea. Again, it’s another platform that is making it possible for us share our interests with others. Whether we will always like this or not, with technology developing it is something that is becoming more and more prominent. You can’t log on to Facebook now without them asking you to ‘share your feelings’ or ‘tell us what books you like’.

    However, of course there are pros to this, sharing interests is a great way to discover new ideas and Pinterest is definitely my ‘go to’ when I’m thinking of a change of hairstyle. I know my cousin also created many different boards in the lead up to her wedding, pinning all the ideas she liked and wanted to replicate!


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