LinkedIn: Professional & Positive


Hi guys! As we all know, online communities are great for connecting people from all over the world. In my opinion, LinkedIn is a great example of a site that presents a positive online community.

LinkedIn is a social networking site founded in 2002. It is similar to Facebook in terms of including newsfeed/profile and inbox features, but is built specifically for a business community.  It is positive because it gives professionals around the world the opportunity to share new business ideas with likeminded people in similar business areas. The site also helps you make connections with each other, and discover new brands and skills. This way you can find suitable opportunities (even as a student) such as internships and full time positions. I personally use it to build up my brand, and I feel that this site will help me become more employable by the time I finish university, because each profile includes your online CV so future employers can see your achievements and present/previous career history (and no embarrassing holiday photos).

Joining a site that caters to helping you build professional relationships is an excellent way to stay productive whilst building your career. However, competition is one of its challenges. People use Facebook as a platform for marketing and recruitment, so it decides to focus on careers as a new feature in the future, LinkedIn could lose loyal site users. What do you guys think? Do you use LinkedIn or do you use other sites for career/business opportunities?


  1. I agree that LinkedIn is an excellent community for building business relationships however I do agree that with networks such as Facebook it is easier and perhaps more accessible to use this to network. Many adults nowadays know how to use Facebook in a professional way and so it could be argued that LinkedIn has served it’s purpose and may no longer be needed.

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  2. I myself have a LinkedIn account and love it. Not only is it good for employers to see your CV without the complications of Word and PDF files, but it also allows you yourself to look at other profiles and CVs. I find this useful as it can give you a better idea of how to get into the industry you want to. For example I would like to be an intern at a film company, LinkedIn allows me to look at the CVs of current interns in the film industry to see if there are any similarities between their CVs. This gives me a greater understanding of what employers are looking for so I can gain the correct skills and increase my chances of getting the job I really want.
    LinkedIn is a perfect environment for a professional online community, however when it comes to communicating with each other the users are likely to do that elsewhere e.g. Facebook messenger. This is because LinkedIn is used to search potential employees/employers and build their professional online profile, rather than a relaxed social media site used to ask someone what time dinner is or if they want to go to the local shopping centre.


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