Android Central

An example of a positive online community which I have found was the website Android Central.

The website is an excellent communal area for anybody with a current issue occurring on their android phone. Any person is able to leave a comment about their current problem, and somebody who has been in the same situation and has found solutions to the problem is eligible to reply to the question in hand, describing exactly what they found worked and what didn’t.

The website has a number of links leading to every android model available, with a number of different questions having been asked and answered already. However, any individual is able to ask a completely new question if they find their problem hasn’t been asked before, giving the website more scope, attracting many people.

A major limitation I found, is that the website is purely for android phones only, therefore limiting the websites reach, dependant upon the type of phone you have, it does not give any advice on iPhone’s, Windows phones or Blackberry’s. It also asks you to sign up to the website before you ask a question, which some people may not want to do, as it involves giving away details they may wish to keep.



  1. Nice post. I’ve also viewed Android Central for the latest tech information, as well as advise when my phone wants to be a pain! Regarding your concern for the lack of websites for Blackberries and iPhones, you can check the Apple & Blackberry Support Communities pages, which are similar to Android Central in terms of building a positive community full of people with the same interests.


  2. Good piece. It seems like a very handy resource for people with Androids and probably worth signing up.
    Your point about the lack of other types of phones is interesting, do you think the site would benefit from a big expansion? Or would it be better off staying niche and catering to the Android users?


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