7 Cups of Tea – An example of how some people are really amazing

The online community that I found is one that I am lucky enough to have never needed, a website called 7 Cups. 7 Cups is an online community and now an app that connects people suffering from any form of emotional distress to trained listeners who attempt to talk them through their problems and help them feel better. This community is an atmosphere where people volunteer their time to help strangers from across the globe, so clearly it tends to be a positive place where people are loving and supportive.


The users benefit, as when they feel they have no one to talk to there is always a caring community they have access to from any device that has Internet. The Listeners benefit also as they know that they are helping someone in need. I would say the biggest limitation this community faces is that even though the Listeners are trained, they are not counselors and therefore cannot offer conventional therapy that the users may need in the long run. This may mean that users become dependent on the service as opposed to seeking the help they need.


I feel the benefits outweigh the limitations for this community and if any of you ever feel the stress of University is too much or if you feel like you could help someone this is a great place to go.



  1. I feel so good knowing that some communities in the online world are actually helpful in the way 7 cups is. After all, communities which connect people with the same interests and hobbies are from completely different nature. I admire the person who has come up with this great and philanthropic idea and I am happy that you shared this with us.


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