YouTube: Serving a Platform to Be Heard

In a post a couple of weeks back I discussed how the younger generation has claimed YouTube as their own space and I think this is also why audience participation works particularly well with YouTube. The audience love to voice their opinion and feel as though their words are being heard and having an effect. I can imagine this would be even more significant if it was someone who you were a big fan of, as this would almost eliminate the barrier between ‘star’ and ‘audience’. The comments section enables this possibility, as well allowing the audience to interact with other fans or friends until their heart’s content.

YouTube comments 2

Not knowing where to begin I had a look at some well-known YouTube stars which brought me to this collaboration example between ‘Zoella’ and ‘Marcus Butler’. Collaborating with other popular YouTube stars is a method often used to make videos more entertaining and essentially gain more subscribers in a kind of, ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ situation. (see ‘Collaborate with Influencers in Interviews’ in link)

What’s interesting about this video is that the concept, as well the ‘truth or dares’ have been provided by us, the viewers. We provided the information and gained control over the direction of the video. You will often see YouTuber’s asking their viewers at the end of their videos or putting comments on social media, to tell them what they wish to see next.

This is actually a very clever way of keeping your audience happy and returning back to your channel. You get to keep making new, fresh material in videos, whilst the audience have a say in what they watch.


  1. Just like you, I also realised that Youtube is more or less audience based. With so many channels out there, Youtube stars have to constantly come up with something original and refreshing to keep their subscribers entertained. Collabs, as they call them; Q&A videos, all types of challenges – blind make up challenge; 10k calorie challenge; not my arms challenge. The list goes on and on. I keep wondering at what point they’ll run out of ideas…But there’s always audience suggesting topics in the comment section. Oh, what would they do without us?!


  2. YouTube is such a modern-day phenomenon and I’m glad you’ve chosen to discuss this platform as I totally agree with you – the most successful channels are those that make their viewers they main priority. Obviously they all start somewhere with only a few subscribers to their name, and that is probably the most in control of their channels they’ll ever be because when they become ‘YouTube famous’ there is so much pressure for them to listen to their audiences and that essential is what makes YouTube so unique. Without audience participation, YouTube would just be another social media site and probably wouldn’t even be that popular.


  3. Of course, Youtube is a perfect instance of audience participation, As its been mention before, users are not just viewers they are also reviewers and creators. Buts more, users are able to create their channels, upload their own videos and ideas and even control the numbers of subscribes they receive. Youtube is definitely a platforms where the power and influence comes from the audience themselves.


  4. It’s interesting how User Generated Content is evolving as it continues to grow and grow as one of the most prominent media platforms in the modern day.
    It seems they recognise that in their field in particular, catering to their audiences is more important than ever, as if people stop enjoying, they’ll stop watching, and as a YouTuber I guess if your views start to dwindle you’re pretty screwed.


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