The Inescapable: Q&A

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 19.24.15

Connor Franta doing an Q&A. (

YouTuber’s had a tendency to use Q&As (Question and Answer) whenever they had a ‘writer’s block’ and needed to churn out a video on time. However, over the years this has changed, with the growth of social media, YouTubers have used Q&As as a way to effectively interact with their audience.

The way the audience have submitted their question has also varied throughout the years, before Twitter was the norm, the YouTube comments section was used.  However, simple text questions are no more, many questions are submitted audio-visually through Snapchat.

The significance? YouTube has always proven popular with teenagers mainly due to being so relatable and the ‘stars’ are within ‘touching distance’. Now with the addition of snapchat, they can connect with their favourite YouTuber on a platform which can be considered quite intimate and on an audiovisual level.



  1. I think this is a really good example. Youtubers are able to gain more hype surrounding their videos with viewers tweeting,snapchatting and commenting all their ideas and in turn increasing the views as those same people will want to see if their question comes up.


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