The addiction to a Flippy Flappy Bird.

The success and fall of Flappy Bird was completely shaped by the audience, but to a whole new extent, that it was no longer healthy! The amount of arguments this game cause between me and my brother in the short time it was popular was ridiculous.


I hate this bird.

Flappy bird was brought to screens across the world in 2013, however, received high amounts of popularity in early 2014. The game wasn’t even very complicated, all it entailed was controlling an annoying little bird between the rows of green pipes, without hitting the sides….I may still hold some resentment towards this game.

There was huge controversy around this game, as it became hugely addictive for individuals playing, and it was never even marketed or advertised. The inventor of the game, a Vietnamese based developer, named Dong Nguyen, put it down to ‘luck’.

The amazing thing about Flappy birds, flapping its way to the top of the apps chart was the sudden and huge escalation. Everybody wanted to play the game, and have the highest score. Pretty sure I only got to something like 15!



At the end of January 2014, whilst still growing, Flappy bird was the most downloaded free game in the iOS app store; on top of this the owner admitted the app was earning $50,000 a day from in app advertisements! However, like all phases, the ear of that irritating little bird that would just not go through the green pipes came to and end. When in February 2014, the creator removed it from the Google play and Apple Store. As he felt guilty over the extreme addiction and overuse it had caused. Then many phones with the game already downloaded then became very valuable, and were on Ebay being sold for way more, proving once again, how much people needed that strange little bird.


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