Story time!

Audience participation I feel has increased over the years especially with today’s technology, more people can take part in how things are shaped and made; after all products and programmes/videos are made for their audiences so it is good more people can get involved.

An example about how audiences have shaped how something is done is story time videos that YouTuber’s create, these videos are basically a way YouTuber’s can connect with their audiences by telling story’s about events that have happened during their lives and their experiences; personally these kinds of videos are the videos I tend to watch the most because I find it interesting finding out things that have happened to people. I can see that audiences are very involved most of the time about the content; YouTubers ask their audiences on various social media platforms which story time videos they would like to see more of and what videos in general would interest them.

It is a good way of engaging with the audience because it is essentially pleasing them by giving them what they want to keep and gain subscribers but it can also lead to negative attention from the audience, an example of this would be the reaction from one of Tana Mongeau’s videos called “Nail lady robbed me of $1000: Story time” the video title is quite self explanatory but the nail salon that was involved (even though they have had many other bad reviews prior to this incident) got a lot of negative hate from Tana’s fans.

Tn this instance Tana did not give away the name of the salon fans located that themselves; but YouTubers or anyone in the public eye need to be careful of this because it can cause a lot of trouble.


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