The introduction of a application that is completely user driven has shaped the way people take selfies.

Snapchat is made famous by its users. The people that made snapchat understood that people like to share their faces and their everyday lives. Its now become more personal with the added effects of geographical and face filters. The more popular face filters are the ones that stay the longest, such as the rainbow puke and the bug eyes.

Other features of the app allow users to use the camera and their imagination to make snapchat creations.

Being a completely user generated app, it struggled in making profits last year and hence charged 99p for the snapchat filters. This was boycotted by its users, and they went back to the free one.


Its a basic yet everyday example of how people are the main users that drive an idea. If the users stopped snap chatting, it would be obsolete. This is not just for snapchat, but any form of free social media as well.


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  1. Interesting that people power worked on this occasion, with a boycott actually leading to change. Despite being worth billions of pounds, are Snapchat actually making any money? Perhaps they’d have been wise to accept Facebook three billion pound offer…


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