Plymouth Argyle Supporters On The Internet

Having held a season ticket at Sky Bet League 2 side Plymouth Argyle between 2012 and 2015 (exciting i know), I liked to keep up to date with all the goings on within the football club.

Brought up as a Spurs fan, it has never been difficult to find news and opinion on them. As one of the biggest clubs in the country, the chances are that, flicking through the sports supplements or listening to sports radio, Spurs would come up. The same could not be said of my local side Plymouth Argyle, languishing in the fourth tier.

To combat this lack of media coverage, I looked around online and found a website called PASOTI (Plymouth Argyle Supporters On The Internet). PASOTI is an online forum run by Plymouth Argyle supporters, for Plymouth Argyle supporters, that enables fans to chat about the goings on at the club. With sections such as Argyle DiscussionRumours and Conjecture and The Football Forum, PASOTI allowed me to get my fix of news and opinion from fans of the club.

The site is moderated to make sure that threads are on topic and to veto any abuse, but it is still fan-lead initiative that promotes debate between fans.


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