Keeping the audience happy: YouTube

YouTube is a platform where the number of subscribers or viewers is a way of measuring success. As YouTube establishes itself as a professional entertainment industry, the stakes and rewards for content providers are getting higher. Therefore, increasing the pressure on YouTubers to keep their audience happy, this affects content in all types of ways.

YouTube has been able to maintain a uniquely personal relationship between their creators and viewers. This is different to the relationship between other celebrities and their followers. Arguably, the stars of YouTube are more relatable.

The choice in the type of videos uploaded is more interactive as many You Tubers ask for their audience to request their desired subject content. The comment section offers the viewers to give their instant feedback which content providers can choose to use to improve their videos. Many videos cater specifically for the audience’s needs e.g. tutorials and product reviews.

youtube week 4.docx.png

Others just satisfy our curiosity into other peoples lives or material belongings.

youtube week 4 2

Although the purpose of Zoella’s ‘What’s In My Bag?’ video is unclear, it is clearly popular, accumulating 5,007,246 views and 157,095 likes.

However, as YouTube personalities become celebrities, the more interested advertisers/brands become in their reach. Hence, the growth of sponsored videos. The type of brand a YouTuber chooses to endorse is ultimately dependent on if it will interest their audience demographic. Another way in which the audience can shape the content.





  1. I think a lot of us like to watch youtube videos because they are more interactive than TV programmes, as you mentioned, youtubers tend to customise their content based on audience’s opinions. so I would say that the high level of audience participation is an essential element of youtube which makes it thriving.

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  2. Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of platforms mainly shaped by youth. It gradually becomes more popular than traditional TV, which is watched more by our parents and grandparents than by us and our peers. However, in the last time I noticed that it’s really difficult to find something really valuable and worth of our time among all videos. Not everyone is actually curious of the fact what in Zoella’s or any other vlogger’s bag is. No one controls content provided by most of you-tubers and most videos are really similar and repetitive, what makes it less attractive.

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  3. I know for myself and possibly many others I would rather spend a few hours on YouTube rather than watching TV due to the vast amount of content. You can find a video for almost anything, and if you can’t find one then you can participate by commenting on a YouTubers page and suggest they make a video for what you’re looking for. That’s the beauty of YouTube, the audience are the controllers of what content is produced and made available. So if there’s an area that hasn’t been covered by someone, you yourself can participate and fill that space!

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  4. I am also a big user of YouTube as it seems many others are as well, the level of interactivity and personalisation that is available makes it more appealing. I big element to users is being able to watch what you want and being able to watch it whenever you want and this is what YouTube manages to deliver. Although a lot of people watch YouTube, I can say that everyones experience on there is different, this is what makes it even more distant to traditional media. YouTube is arguably the start to a new modern media.

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  5. I cannot completely agree with Paulina’s comment that not many people are curious of what is there in Zoella’s bag. Actually the debut novel of Zoella is the most popular book in secondary school! Can you imagine? A girl who became famous by shooting random videos is idol and favourite “author” for the majority of young people. That makes me think the youth is interested in rather superficial matters and yes, the would rather see what’s in Zoella’s bag than watch or read something worthy.

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  6. YouTube is a fun way to interact, but i never knew how many people actually veiw and participate in this type of thing. Some stars are actually really famous, but not all youtube videos are interactive and not all stars do proper q&a’s. Some stars ive seen don’t actually do more than 10 or 15, i dont know it thats because the lack of time or the lack of good questions

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