Call Of Duty


Source : Call of Duty Website

The Call of Duty (COD) franchise has significantly shaped and resigned its online play, due to the feedback given by its audience after each release. Consider the hit COD4; released back in 2007; compared to the most current game offered by the series now, the level of detail in which the online maps, game modes, weapons, characters, vehicles has drastically changed to keep up with times, technology and its competition.

The audience contribute their thoughts and ideas online via Twitter, Facebook, comments left on the COD website or YouTube videos or the gaming platforms in which the games are released on. All this interaction with the designers directs the way in which the latest game evolves. For example, when the audience asked for playable online female characters after the 2012 release Black Ops 2 hadn’t included them, in 2013 with the release of Ghosts we saw an introduction to female characters.

It’s important that franchises such as COD involves its audience regularly, so that they can steer the latest game in the series accordingly, in order to satisfy the wants and needs of the players. If it wasn’t for the interaction of the audience the franchise may have been swallowed up and forgotten about long ago.

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  1. I think the point about including the female playable characters is interesting. The developers clearly listened to the audiences’ views there and understood (through audience participation) the need for more diversity in their games. Hopefully this trend will continue and more audience ideas and even mods can be included in future games.


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