Helping the creative audience

Film Riot

Youtube is a great platform for that has been shaped and formed by the audience and the audience of those who create videos on the platform. The audience has grown and so has YouTube, its content catering to a wide variety of genres and styles that are accompanied by a community. This community is audience based but lead by the content creator. With YouTube being able to be accessible on almost all devices, the audience expands and their contribution can be heard in the comments.

A specific channel I looked at was Film Riot, this is a channel that is shaped for and by the audience but also controlled by the creator. This internet television show was created by Ryan Connolly.  His show Film Riot is a collection of YouTube videos about filmmaking techniques and has just over 820,000 subscribers as of February, 2016 and is affiliated with Revision3.

The content of the show is geared towards low budget filmmakers, with sections explaining how popular effects can be achieved on a low budget. Episodes usually begin with a short sketch, sometimes making up part of an ongoing serial across multiple weeks. Connolly then describes how the sketch was produced, focusing on one or two specific elements of the production. The content audience is very supportive in the comments section and will often ask the creator for tutorials and tips on specific elements in film. 

The audience response (the comments) and their ability to have interactivity with the creator of content has kept YouTube running and created what the platform is know as today. Its intentions of just being a platform to share videos has become way more than what it initially intended with its users now being able to create a career out of sharing these videos.Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 17.00.24.png


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