The Internet sensation of the year 2014- the Ice Bucket Challenge- raised a huge amount of donation just because of great response of audience in social media!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a charity campaign launched in 2014 aiming to raise awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It involved thousands of millions people in pouring a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads, filming it, sharing the video on social media and then nominating friends to do the same.

It was originally launched in United States but gradually was spread over the whole world. Although a significant issue which the campaign was about, it also was a great fun. YouTube quickly became a battlefield for the funniest video.  Many people, even stars, celebrities, athletics etc., performed the challenge and nominated others. Barack Obama, George W. Bush, David Cameron were also ones who were challenged.


Rita Ora does the challenge in New York

It’s been absolutely successful campaign and I suppose everyone existing in social media has heard about that. What’s more, most of you guys have taken part in the challenge, haven’t you? It helped to raise hundreds of million of pounds:

“The tally to date from all of those online bucket dares: $115 million — more than 20 times the amount reaped by the nonprofit during 2013. That 2014 haul includes a swell of year-end checks totaling $32 million, largely driven by a happy residue of awareness lingering from the summer’s social craze.” –

What did influence on such a great participation of the audience, which undoubtedly caused the campaign was successful? Was it a pressure of social media or just a desire of competitiveness? Has it raised awareness of the disease or just brought loads of fun? I personally think that it has done both these things. Some of us had a chance to performance theirk22336819 creative skills whilst feeling like a person struggling with ACL.




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  1. Ice Bucket Challenge – I still remember scrolling through Instagram and seeing nothing but IBC videos on my field. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, charity campaigns social media has experienced in the last years. Its aim, of course, is noble and unselfish. However, what I noticed back then was that after a while people did it for fun or just because everyone was doing it, losing any context. Some even didn’t know what was all the ‘fuss’ about; others did not tell the whole background story. So, IBC became just another trend having lost its initial concept.

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