9GAG is an online platform and social media website. “Users” upload and share content (mostly pictures and memes) either “user-generated content” or found on other social media websites. Ray Chan created 9GAG in Hong Kong in 2007. It is very popular among adolescents to young (ish) adults and is know for mostly being used when people are at school, university, and work, which is the time of the day when they have most traffic. 9GAG helped redefine the concept of memes, although they had been around for years before 9GAG was up and running. Users are constantly heavily changing the content on the site depending on recent events or during different seasons. For example, every April, there are A LOT of posts about Game of Thrones because that is the month that the new season comes out every year. There is an on going joke that if you haven’t watched the new episode of Game of Thrones, you should never go on 9GAG. Another example that its users control the social media site is that the fact there is actual 9GAG royalty. The users are very proud to have elected a King and Queen of 9GAG, that being Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson. Leo is seen as the king because of the on going joke about him not winning an Oscar, and Emma is the Queen because of all the posts about how good looking she is so much so that there are individual categories about them on the website. 9GAG is a prime example of users shaping and evolving a piece of media because it is ever changing everyday.


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