YOUTUBE X SNAPCHAT: Audience Particpation

Hi guys! I was browsing YouTube the other day (just like as any other day that I should be doing something more productive), when I stumbled across a youtuber’s Q&A video.  I’m going straight into this post assuming that you all know what YouTube is and how it works, but for some who may not know (yeah right!), YouTube is a video sharing website used to share content of different interests for people around the world. Back to my point…

Habiba Da Silva (below) posts Snapchat Q&As on YouTube as she receives tons of questions daily, as well as helpful advice from viewers who may be able to relate to her journey as a new hijabi. She finds it easier to respond to them via YouTube. You can watch the video HERE.

silva fin.fw

I realized that question and answer videos are one of the best examples of audience participation. Yes, youtubers have the platform to influence their audience with the content they choose to share, but I believe that the viewers have just as much influence- after all, youtubers often take on board tips for new ideas that could also apply to their personal lives.

Participation has gone beyond just commenting in the comment section, and has shifted to other social media sites such as Twitter and Snapchat, which in my opinion helps validate the online relationship between the audience and influencers (though I would be careful of trolls and stalkers).

What do you guys think?





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