That’s What Makes You Profitable

Like many boy bands, One Direction have a strong and somewhat terrifying fan-base, also known as The Directioners, who are fully devoted to ‘the boys‘.

Since announcing their break, not a break-up, thousands of teenagers ‘couldn’t even’ *ten cry face emojis*.

Thankfully, for their sanity, One Direction’s latest music video ‘History’ was all about the fans as a form of coping mechanism to the news of their break. This music video also works to showcase their journey in the music industry so far as a nice temporary farewell gift.

The audience quite literally feature in the music video, showing huge crowds at their performances; close-ups of female fans hysterically crying; and of course fans chasing the car containing Harry Styles and his intriguing yet beautiful long locks.


One Direction are fully aware of their fans devotion therefore their involvement in the last music video for a little while will be both significant and emotive for their fans.

When the audience are the fans it is important to highlight a sense of appreciation and a recognition of awareness that a boy band like One Direction would not exist without them and that is what this video has achieved.

Overall, this video shows their musical journey which many fans will have followed, creating a reminiscent aesthetic.

It also just so happens to make an excellent promotional technique for their new song, creating a larger hype amongst the fans as they’re so heavily featured and are clearly in mind – free marketing-.

Well played, One Direction.



  1. I’ve noticed that more and more music artists are becoming aware of audience participation. This has led to the releasing of many music videos revolving around the shows and the ‘fans’ that attend them. Another example would be when ‘Swedish House Mafia’ announced the end of their music career, the music video for “Don’t you worry child”, featured a lot of footage taken from their final show. This makes the fans feel like they’re appreciated and more involved. A lot of artists such a Rita Ora also do occasional ‘video logs’ that document their lives behind the scenes. Although they don’t get broadcasted on television, fans get the chance to watch for free and usually the option to comment too. This star-fan interaction is something that wasn’t possible during the likes of the 60s, but is now, (due to the accessibility of social media sites) what helps boost the success of music artists.


  2. Bands like One Direction require devote fans in order to maintain popularity and interest. If audiences didn’t continue to latch onto any and everything they do, the band wouldn’t have nearly as much worldwide recognition. The way you mention they include their audience in music videos is a very clever strategy that gives fans the suggestion that if they continue to participate in the fandom they will eventually be noticed by ‘the boys’


  3. Quite an interesting blog post to read, never really thought of music participation until now. Although, it did remind me of the time that Taylor Swift had an album listening party for her fans and that the dancer at the end of her music video Shake it Off were also fans. I feel artists ‘appreciation’ fans will increase more and more over the years in order to compete with other artists in the charts.


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