My Idol – Jenna Marbles

Since I was fifteen years old I have been watching a woman called Jenna Mourey – better known as Jenna Marbles – create comedy videos on YouTube. Her first viral video ‪How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking was a huge hit with young girls as it touched on the reality of how we put on make up to make ourselves look amazing (even though we are all beautiful without it as well). Her original content was fairly unprofessional and she would create content that she found amusing.


Over the past five years Jenna has gained over 50 million subscribers and is one of the most powerful female Youtubers. A lot of this is due to audience participation. Jenna now has a Facebook page where fans can comment and suggest videos they would like her to make. Her most recent video  uploaded on the 18th February was suggested by a young girl on her page and received over a million views. Having a space where people can express what they want to see has allowed the audience to become a part of the creative process and so now they feel more involved and happier to watch the videos, as they feel they have contributed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 21.12.31.pngThe commenter who suggested the idea and the corresponding video.

This culture of audience participation has helped the YouTube community greatly as people feel as if they are helping their idols. If I suggested an idea and Jenna created a video of it, I would talk about it for the rest of my life (but that’s just me).


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  1. I can remember watching Jenna when I was younger too! Its interesting to see that she has taken one of her viewer’s comments and made a video so specific to it. I agree, if I made a suggestion to someone I admired and they made a video about it I would feel pretty proud too. It shows that all participation counts, no matter how big or small the contribution is.


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