You’re a….convergence Harry!

No not just a wizard, but now a convergence, a global phenomenon. The Harry potter books, have not only spread across nearly all media platforms; but also demonstrates many examples of technological, cultural and economical convergence.

What started out as a book, has no been stretched not just into films, but has almost created culture in itself. There are audio books, toys, shops, online Harry Potter worlds set up, such as ‘Pottermore’ and soon to be theatre productions.  As well as companion books and films soon to be released, written by the original author J.K Rowling. Harry Potter has appealed to all ages, and audiences across the world. Demonstrated by the incredible fact that in 2013, two years after the last film came out; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, the book had been translated in 65 languages!

Another example of how Harry Potter has become a convergence is the Harry Potter studios, now in in London, Japan, and Orland, attracting millions of customers, allowing people to experience the Hogwarts lifestyle. The ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ theme park, at the Universal studios Japan, is by far the biggest, costing £260 million.

However, it is clear one of the biggest turning points for the Harry Potter conglomerate, was the development of Pottermore. Set up by J.K Rowling and in partnership with Sony, Pottermore allows fans to access unknown parts of the Harry Potter series, including several pages of  unpublished texts. Whilst also having a resource for sales of the e-book and audiobook version of the seven Harry Potter novels. Pottermore created an entire online community which allowed visitors to take the Harry Potter journey; creating spells and potions, collecting points for their chosen house. It made Harry Potter interactive, whilst still keeping it magical.Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 16.30.57.png




  1. I never thought of Harry Potter in this way before! It is true that the films and books were a global phenomenon and I can vouch personally that the merchandise and apps out there are extremely popular (£9 for a time turner keyring is crazy if you ask me but I needed it). This maybe one of the biggest examples of media convergence and it has joined the whole world together as well,.


  2. Firstly, I love Harry Potter and as an audience member myself to all the films, I have bought in to all areas of convergence, I literally have done it all and bought the t-shirt (geek).

    I think once a successful medium takes off it would lack basic business knowledge not to converge. The books were extremely successful and so were the films, once there is a clear and passionate audience they will buy into anything – like the above comment with the key ring-. Great post.


  3. Harry Potter is definitely a great example of convergence. They have joined together with almost every type of product/brand possible, I can remember once seeing a Harry Potter bra.
    Since the success of the Harry Potter franchise other book to film adaptations have tried to gain the same level of success e.g. Twilight, however they have not been able reach or beat it. They had similar types of convergence (games, clothing, films and book) and the same amount of support from a mass fanbase. I wonder why it didn’t succeed as much as Harry Potter did…


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