The Frozen Franchise Phenomenon

Media convergence is “the combination of new media and old media within a single piece of media work.” Disney owns many assets including: The Walt Disney Studios (inc. Walt Disney Record), Disney Mobile Studios, ABC Family, ABC Entertainment and Marvel Studios. This is an example of economic convergence. Utilizing a variety of different types of media allows access to a wider reach of the selected demographics, this leading to awareness and profit increases. Disney’s Frozen is a perfect example of a franchise which has used its owner’s media convergence and influence, to expand it from a movie to a brand.

The Frozen franchise stretches across all types of media including: video games, books, apps, music, YouTube videos plus planned features of Frozen characters in numerous television shows.


The franchise’s success due to media convergence is reflected in its profits. As of September 2014, Frozen had achieved: $1.27 billion worldwide box office sales, $252 million in DVD and Blu-ray sales and $2.7 billion in music sales. To date, the ‘FROZEN – Let It Go Sing-along / Official Disney HD’ YouTube video has reached 688,346,884 views, whilst the ‘Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel’ YouTube video uploaded by Walt Disney Animation Studios has reached 513,536,222 views.

Media convergence means we are submersed in popular culture, encouraging branded merchandise to become omnipresent in our everyday lives. As shown by the example of Frozen, Disney has manipulated media convergence in order to increase sales.  This is applicable for other movie franchises such as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.




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  1. I always knew that Frozen was popular (thanks to my little cousins that spent an entire year obsessed with it) but I had no idea of the huge success and profits that it made. This is an excellent example of convergence because if we think about the old Disney films that only released a DVD, compared to Frozen with all of the interactive games and merchandise, the difference in profits must be huge. Another similar and recent example would be the new Star Wars movie.


  2. Such a great example of convergence, I personally am not a fan of Frozen and due to media convergence there was literally no way to escape from it, adverts on TV and YouTube, constant mentions on social media and children singing in the street, the brand was inescapable.


  3. It was strange that when Frozen was first released in 2013 it didn’t become popular straight away, think it wasn’t until nearly a year later that it started to take over the world! I also thought was a bit strange that so many teens and young adults took a liking to it, I had an idea of how much money it was making from merchandise ect…but I didn’t know about how many views it was getting on YouTube and how much money it made exaxtly. Goes to show how powerful internet is as well to market things futher.


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