McDonald’s techy service


One example of convergence that I found quite interesting is McDonald’s and their use of interactive screen self service and tablets installed on tables for public use whilst eating.

In 2014 McDonald’s introduced a new way of ordering food in store, where instead of ordering food and drinks at the till, like someone normally would do, there are kiosks that have an interactive screen in place to order food off. Where I used to live they introduced the interactive screens without much notice so it was a big hit when it opened, it is a interesting way of convergence because they are using technology for self service, I know supermarkets ect… have had online delivery and self service for sometime now, also McDonald’s tills have had interactive screens for a few years but never for fast food self service.


Some people argue that this new way of ordering fast food will take over the use of having cashiers resulting in some people loosing their jobs, but even with the interactive screens there are still cashiers at McDoanld’s, it is good to have both because it reduces the queues. Personally for me I find it quicker and more convenient to have this new way of ordering food in store and since coming to London I have used it much more.

McDonald’s also have apple tablets in place in some stores, where people can check in online on sites like Facebook whilst they eat or children can play games for entertainment.

McDonald’s technology article, Celestra


  1. Interesting read. These fast food places will try anything they can to keep customers engaged. I personally don’t mind their attempt to converge, technology is so fast paced and they need to catch up to seem up to date. However, I believe they will still have real cashiers/waiters at bay, technology still has the tendency to trip up sometimes!


  2. Not having to explain complicated orders, whilst feeling pressured by a herd of teenagers behind me sounds like a great idea! But I’m sure the time it would take the staff to try and get the machines to work, I could have explained my complex order.
    Although this will save McDonald’s money as they will not have to pay cashiers, I think more customers will be turned away as they will not know how to use the machines.
    For example, my mum and nan are useless with technology and would probably go to another restaurant. So as much as the next generation will love it, McDonalds are likely to lose a large proportion of their customers.


  3. This is a very interesting example of convergence, and I expect that soon other fast food restaurants will copy that and introduce their own self checkout. Though I don’t think the machine will completely replace cashiers, it would be a great way to save time for regular customers who know what they are ordering .


  4. Really interesting aspect you have spoke about here. I recently spoke about this with a friend about this new system format of ordering taking over cashier employees. Although it may seem the future of ordering, there’s faults and problems that lead with this format.

    However, having both services of ordering, it provides faster and different variations of ordering. Therefore, creating more cashiers without having to employ more cashier members. I personally, have only used it once or twice when the line for ordering was too long and I managed to get my fast very fast still.


  5. I personally hate ordering food online! I am very picky with the orders.. I am that kind of person that the waiters hate; when I order something I am always like “ok can I please have the McChicken sandwich without the lettuce but with some extra mayonnaise? And also, a Coke with only two ice cubes and some french fries but with no salt”.. So I find it hard to order with the only use of a tablet. I prefer to order to a real person. Moreover, ok that the cashiers still have a job, but at least a couple for every restaurant will be fired. So I totally don’t like this new method.


  6. This is a really simple example of convergence I had not thought about. It’s so easy to not see how such small things are changing in society, but how they will effect employment and communications on such a large scale. Though many of these tactic save costs for many companies, technology is completely taking over our lives, which is not necessarily a good thing.


  7. What an interesting example of technological convergence! I think that it is also a good example of social convergence as people would be able to perform multiple actions at one time (eating, browsing the Internet). I admire the fast pace of technological development nowadays and the ways that companies are trying to incorporate Internet usage in their services in order to keep their clients interested. However, I personally would not go to McDonald’s just because of the tablets they are provided with.


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