“Gangnam style” convergence


If you look up what ‘media convergence’ means in the dictionary, you will find the following definition: a phenomenon involving the interconnection of information and communications technologies, computer networks, and media content. But this is a convoluted way of describing a much simpler process. Remember Gangnam Style? Yes? Now that’s a contemporary and an understandable example of what media convergence is.

The music video, which was revealed to the world on YouTube in 2012 in South Korea, not only gained extreme popularity in Asia but also managed to make the headlines worldwide. The hyperactive singer, the catchy beat and the obnoxious dance moves were in the spotlight of entertainment industry. From July to the end of December, the song became a household name.


That, of course, meant the industry earned loads of money as “Gangnam Style” became a trademark and started merchandising. Bobble heads, t-shirts and phone apps became available to the consumers. The audience and specifically the online community, didn’t miss the chance to have their say on the story – parodies, reaction videos, and vlogs were all over the Internet.

So, not only did PSY become a story-telling money-maker but he also helped me understand what media convergence is. Cheers, PSY.

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