Convergence Culture

Convergence can be known as a top-down corporate-driven process and a bottom-up consumer driven process, this is because as we can see within these two quotes taken from Convergence Culture and Social Media, written by Mark Deuze and published in 2009 it states that convergence is “something that is getting amplified or supercharged by new information technologies” and “that it is the flow of content across different multimedia platforms”, this explains to me that it is the processing of media in anyway, shape or form.

All convergence means then, is to give the mass population exactly what they think they want across multimedia platforms and they will pay up for it, fast.

This can be easily seen in technologies such as mobiles, as phones of today have more processing power than the first computer created; which took up a whole entire room; we can now be connected to the media 24/7 if we desire, right from the palm of our hands. We now live in a time where we hear sayings like “I feel naked without my phone”, implying that within our western culture, people feel bare without be able to access social networking at all times.

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