Constant Convergence


Hi guys! I find this week’s blog post topic very relevant to society today as there are so many examples of convergence in the media.

I would say that the recent changes regarding The Independent is a good example of technological convergence. The Independent, a UK based newspaper launched in 1986, will officially become the first national newspaper to become digitised. Yes, you read correctly- The Independent will no longer be available in print form, which is bittersweet, as this definitely puts the future of print journalism into perspective. However, I guess this is the beginning of new creative era- besides, news is 24/7 and most people aren’t rushing to grab the morning newspaper for a quick update anymore.

Besides, when you think about it, readers tend to gravitate more towards online versions because they provide a much more valuable experience. For example, online news sites include multimedia content in their articles to make topics more interesting. This would include videos and the opportunity for us to be apart o then conversation, either via the comment section or social media sites such as twitter. So then change in a sense is good, in terms of drawing in a more diverse demographic (however not so good for traditional readers and aspiring print journalists. Eek).averageage




  1. I found it really shocking that the Independent decided to become digitised. I think that lots of people still prefer hard copy rather than digital one and probably they won’t change their mind because of the Independent. I suppose the newspaper will lose many readers even though the online version will be improved and more catchy. I am also quite worried about the future of printed media. Most book are available as e-book already, and more and more newspapers and magazines become digitised as well. For me as a fan of hard copy (I love smell and touch of sheets of paper during reading) it’s a huge disappointment.

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