BBC One, Two… and Four?

The majority view media convergence as something beneficial, as it generally makes life easier for them. However, there are instances were convergence is detrimental, such as the ‘transformation’ of BBC Three to an ‘online-only’ platform.

Over the past year, the BBC have been slowly putting in to action it’s plan to cease BBC Three’s linear broadcasting, claiming they’ll ‘reinvent it online‘. Despite major opposition to the corporation’s proposal and a £120,000 consultation, the BBC Trust went ahead and approved it. Frankly, this wasn’t a big surprise as the channel covertly degraded the quality of it’s output as soon as the proposals were announced.

Whilst it could be argued that moving the ‘channel’ online is convenient for both the audience and the BBC; at the time of writing (two days after the closure) it appears they have substituted it with quite frankly nothing.  Essentially the corporation are clinging on to a brand they know works and redirecting the audience to it’s already existing platform, BBC iPlayer. The audience have been made to turn elsewhere, the only thing new is the over the top content, which consists of links to news article, blogs and short videos. The audience turn to BBC Three for traditional content, not something that can be found on Tumblr.

A mere 48 hours before the channel ceased broadcasting, it was revealed that the ‘new’ BBC Three and BBC Radio 1 might be merged. Is this what media convergence is coming to? Merging everything together, eliminating variety?

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  1. I suppose the argument is (or could be) that rather than eliminating variety, convergence creates it. In this case particularly, the BBC is creating variety over the platforms from which it broadcasts: online is no longer simply a watch-again service; it offers exclusives. And not just now that BBC3 is soley online; like Netflix and Amazon Prime etc., BBC iPlayer has started to offer exclusives shorts, clips and subsequently features. Maybe this means moving BBC3 online will actually save it, like the corporation said it would.


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