Everything in our lives and around us changes. Many things have being improved for many years, while others have been just invented. Nonetheless one things influence on the others in some way. It also happens in media when new media relates to old media. Most of media is also shared and spread around the world and this process is called global convergence.

Have you ever thought of impact of Western cultures on the rest of the world? Just think how many things you’ve watched during the last month. How many of them were foreign production? How many TV shows or radio programmes have been showed in other countries before they showed up in yours? Undoubtedly one of the most influential cultures is American one. They came up with many great ideas and inventions and that’s why we often say about process of ‘Americanization’.

“Turn on the radio, check the TV listings, look what’s playing at the local cinema, pull out a computer game or just go online and search for a nice chat room – do any of these things and within a short time you will run into American cultural influence.” READ MORE

It happens probably because of really powerful market of over 300 million people in United States and their innovation. What consequences has it got for us? It causes many advantages for our local markets and economies what is a significant disadvantage. However, what these influences did for 21th century? What our lives would be without Google, Twitter, Facebook or Netflix? What would happen if Steve Jobs or Bill Gates have never existed? Wouldn’t our lives be grey and boring?


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  1. I really like the points you made here as I had never linked media convergence to the spread of American popular culture globally. Especially for a younger audience, websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google dominate and arguably shape our lives, our views and actions. It’s crazy to think that they all originated in one country! I wonder if the aim of these large corporations wasn’t focused on increasing profit but if they were used purely as propaganda tools, what effect this would have. Would we be able to abandon these websites completely?


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