Amazon Prime and chill

In June 2015, it was believed by the CIRP that Amazon Prime  had risen to over 44 million subscribers in the US alone.

As Amazon have grown as a brand, they have modernised different types of media and rolled it into one, technologically savvy brand.

Having begun as just an online bookstore, Amazon now provides its consumer with all their media needs. Streaming Movies and TV shows online, downloading books, playing games, as well as subscribing to your favourite newspapers/magazines.

Also interlinked with Amazon Prime is their tablet. The Amazon Fire rivals Apple’s iPad and the Samsung Galaxy in that market, using Prime to deliver the consumer whatever they could possibly want in a tablet.

This convergence has had, and will continue to have a huge impact on each individual industry that it touches. For example, The Independent last week announced that it was going fully online, ceasing printing for good. Traditionally a newspaper with one of the lowest readerships, The Independent was always going to be in danger of being the first casualty of the digital age.

In this age, people want things fast and people want things easy, leading to the dominance of online over traditional markets. This is great for Amazon, but is forcing other industries to simply adapt or die.



  1. This is interesting because other services ARE adapting. Services like BBC iPlayer and 4oD were initially watch-again services (with more scope in the case of 4oD). But with Amazon Prime and Netflix etc., exclusive online shows – take, for example, the Walter Presents selection Channel 4 offers online – prove that even new media like iPlayer are having to converge with even newer media to keep up with demand and to stay relevant.

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  2. I think this is a great example. Once a website generates a stream of users it is almost essential to converge in order to exploit their loyalty to the site even if they initially just wanted to buy a book, this may influence to buy the tablet and so on.

    Although this is fantastic for the online community, it may result in a huge decline in our traditional print media, which is a shame, especially to independent book shops which will find it difficult to adapt to the modernised consumer environment due to finances.

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  3. The only reason I got Amazon prime was because I saw an advert to get the service for 2 months free for students. I used it to get a delivery faster but then went on to looking at the other benefits that came with the service. In surprise, I found Mr Robot which is now one of my favourite TV series thanks to Amazon. I’m really enjoy the service so far and all its benefits that come with it. This is a perfect example of how to provide your customers with a great service.


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