The next generation of media

Technology is a mind-blowing tool; it allows us to experience unimaginable moments. In the age of IT, combining two separate technologies into one has become a norm – no longer we are surprised by a mobile phone with a camera.

Inevitably, the world of media has also been effected. Radio has moved online. Almost every radio station has its Twitter account. Not only  for hashtags like #TargetsNoticeBoard but accounts are also cleverly used to engage with audience thus letting express thoughts on serious matters immediately.

2016-02-16 (1)

No longer people have to faithfully sit and wait for their favourite radio show like loyal dogs. With podcasts gaining a massive popularity people can now listen to their favourite programmes no matter where they are or what time it is. And the variety to choose from is overwhelming.

If pure audio is not enough one can stream life events and videos online without leaving his cozy bed and warm blankets. It indeed is a different experience when it’s live.

All this, of course, is great. Yet, as media now has a double life, it is important to think about cons it carries with itself. What about those people who don’t have any access to electricity and therefore the Internet? How do they get to enjoy things we do? Is this the end of traditional media? The Independent is already gone; who’s next?


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  1. The Independent is a high profile casualty of the rise of the digital age, and there are countless others, with that number set to rise.
    It’s bittersweet, these advancements make things easier for us consumers, but seeing institutions like Blockbuster die is sad. Waterstones is anotehr big institution that is in immense danger of being a casualty, and that would be immensely disappointing, but not surprising.


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