The Independent: The End of an Era?

The Independent recently became the first national newspaper to announce their digital-only future, having described the move as:

… change being driven by readers. They’re showing us that the future is digital.

This brings some sadness as newspapers have been the core source for providing news for a long time and questions whether this is only the beginning of bad news for print publications.The Independent go digital

The Guardian also appear sad:

…the internet which killed the Independent newspaper

They also stated a loss of money for the past 30 years. Being a journalism student, this is a cause for concern because convergence has the potential to wipe out the traditional print format, leaving less job options available.

However, some may argue this was an inevitable convergence with technology rapidly developing, it’s safe to say that our time spent online has increased, consequently making an ideal platform for news. If we are already online, we are more likely to click onto a website and read an article, than we are to go out and specially buy a particular newspaper. Then you have the question of which paper… Do you just buy one? And then only get one view? Reading online eliminates these problems, providing an array of options.

Jose van Dijck reflects in The Culture of Connectivity how print publication has had to adapt to the times:

As social media platforms evolve, business models are constantly tweaked and changed to test their evolutionary strength (Potts 2009).

Social media is also a great way to quickly circulate stories and build an easy interactive following for journalists.


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  1. The fact that paper books and hard copies of newspapers are being replaced by online editions is actually making me sad. I think that the experience of holding the reading is a lot more different and even more emotional than just scrolling through some webpages. What is more, increase of unemployment is inevitable. Amol Rajal, the editor of the Independent, declared that going from print to online will lead to loss of jobs himself.


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