Smartphones: Friend or Foe?

With such communication advances within the last ten years or so, it’s no surprise that convergence allows us to use our smartphones for just about anything. Gone are the days when we used our phones for texting, phone calls and that addicting game of Snake on your Nokia.

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The rise of mobile phones, and smartphones in particular is constantly growing. According to Hannah Bouckley of BT, the growing rise in smartphones have caused a decrease in compact camera sales. If you read the article you’ll see there are a couple of different reasons. Firstly, convenience is one of the main reasons. It saves having to carry around extra valuables and with the quality of smartphone cameras so high, there’s no point in having both the phone and camera. Secondly, is sharing. We can use Wi-Fi or our data and photos and videos can be shared instantly. It is only the very recent compact cameras that hold the same technology to do so.

Below are the statistics for current smartphone holders in the world, and the estimated amount for the next three years:

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With convergence allowing us to do so much on our smartphones, are the falling profits in compact cameras going to continue? What other factors about smartphone convergence could potentially cause problems for us? One that I have definitely thought about is the idea of being constantly at work. With the instant access to emails, documents and conference calling there is no end to the amount of hours we could be working in the future!

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  1. As crazy as it sounds, I had totally forgotten all about the existence of cameras all together. The last time I personally used a camera was probably around 2007 for a photography class. Doing my own research I came across a article written by BT which states in the first nine months of 2014, global camera shipments from Japan manufacturers had dropped by a third! Thats a staggering figure but then again, its expected I guess. Today smartphones, as you have pointed out, have made it convenient, not only by enabling us to a take pictures and record videos, it also assist in storing and allows us to share our images and videos easily.
    I think today cameras are a better use for professional photographers as it allows them to experiment with shutters and aperture. The rest of us just simply want to take picture in which smart phones are a better option for us.


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