Fallout or new beginning?

I have many memories of my childhood, some of which revolve around watching my Dad play resident evil on the original PlayStation, although looking back maybe playing a game about brutally killing zombies around your one-year-old daughter isn’t the best parenting style. Games consoles have improved massively over the past twenty years and media convergence now means that there are many new things that can add to a gaming experience.

Now me – being a master gift giver – bought my Dad the new Fallout 4 game (that sold 12 million copies at launch) for my Dad on his birthday last year and there was something interesting that had been added to the gameplay. The game also had an accompanying app for your phone where you could check your inventory, change weapons and level yourself up all without pausing the game. Media convergence has allowed this to develop so that newer media can be used in conjunction with the older style of game playing so that users don’t lose interest in something which has been around since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog , which was playable on the original PlayStation since 1996.


The Pip-Boy app shown on an iPhone.

This new addition to console gaming has many implications for media in the future, in the way that people nowadays would never buy a game without sound or speech does this mean that newer games will all need accompanying new media such as apps to keep the public’s interest and therefore make profit? This app may have changed how games will be played in years to come and it is exciting to think of what other add-ons new media will bring to gaming in the future.


  1. It’s interesting how mainstream games are adapting to media convergence by implementing these ‘second screens’ which add new reasons for gamers to keep returning to franchises. One interesting trend is how this has come along in parallel to games consoles themselves being branded as ‘media centres’ as opposed to solely for playing games. It suggests game developers and console developers want to increasingly integrate as much everyday media as possible and keep people’s contact time with the consoles as long as possible.


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