Convergence and music

Over the years with developing technology, the way people listen and explore music has drastically changed.

In the span of 15 years, people listening to music has been revolutionised – from bulky cd players to sleek music players. The iPod is a classic example of converging old music with new music. Music is not limited to just songs anymore, it is now interactive apps such as Spin Play, which is an app that allows you to listen to a bands music while reading about them in reviews. It can also be online music such as live streaming apps such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

Listening to music has changed from cds and cassettes to online streaming. It has converged from record players to touch screen gadgets that allow the user to do more to enhance their music experience.

Most people are familiar with traditional techniques to listen to music, whether this be cd players, stereos or even vinyl players. Now, it is made into a completely new concept such as a mode of communication between people.

In some applications, its easy to show your friends via social networks what you’re listening too. Although its made the entire experience more social,is it taking away from the beauty of listening to a song just because? Debatable.



  1. It’s funny to think just how much has changed when it comes to music and technology. I remember being about seven or eight and walking around with a bulky walkman and a case filled with different CDs. The good old days. Thinking about your question, I guess in some circumstances it has taken away the beauty of listening to music. Sometimes with new music I’d prefer a CD rather than listening to it on Spotify, because some laptops or phones do not have as good sound quality, but with constant new technology it probably won’t be long until a phone has better quality than a CD or record player.

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  2. I agree, it doesn’t seem too long since we were using CD players! I wouldn’t necessarily say that the convergence of music takes away from just enjoying a song, I thinks its great that the technology keeps expanding. In fact, I find myself streaming music more often than I used to (for example on Spotify) as its a good way to discover new music!


  3. Definitely interesting subject Tooba. The way we listen to music has been changing as fast as technology develops and in recent years the process became even quicker.

    Although music itself can be a form of communication, I am one of those who does not feel the need to share what I’m listening to on social media unless a really great new song from one of my favourite artists came out.

    I still stick to my files and do not use streaming services to listen to music. I do use them to find out new music though, and Spotify makes it easy in that sense. What f the servers go down and you cannot access your playlists? I can’t live without music, that’d be a nightmare.

    Interesting as well the idea of Spin play but I’m not into it. I see the creativity behind it, with a focus on social media, but when I hear a song I do not want to be influenced by other opinions before I finish it. I think you would miss many things as well if you type or think about what to say, like side instruments or the deep meaning of the song.


  4. Reading this post truly does send me back, I was the first person in my year to buy an MP3 player, whist all the other children in my class still used bulky CD Walkmans. We used to carry around CD cases full of a variety of music, making the choice of music for each day different, depending on what albums you packed for that day. If we skip forward to now, we can store all of our music on our phones, making life easier and cheaper for us, it’s crazy that this has happened so quickly. I’ll be interested to see where the future takes us with the technology designed for music.


  5. Personally I find this “music-sharing method” quite interesting. Well I mean, if you are a singer for example and you want to share your songs and your covers with the rest of the world without using YouTube, SoundCloud is the best way to do it.
    Another example, I listen to a particular song and I love it so much I want all my friends to listen to it; I share it on my Facebook page or whatever and I know that most of them will listen to it. Also, the fact that we can have thousands of songs in our phones instead of going out with like 9 CDs and the huge CD player our parents used to have….. Do you really find debatable the positiveness of the convergence in the music-field?


  6. Funny enough, i had the same conversation with a close friend a few days ago. If you step back for moment and think about the process or change listening to music has made, in such short span of time it does truly amaze you. It went from instruments, to radio to vinyl records, cassette players, CDs, MP3, ipods, streaming online and to what it is today. Looking at the changes, although i do agree with your point slightly, I feel it hasn’t changed the beauty of listening to music completely in fact it may have made it , in my opinion even better. For one, music is a shared action. Yes of course we all enjoy listening to music on our own but all in all music is shared experience. We enjoy every aspect of it from producing, to listening to music together.


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