Netflix And C…onvergence.


Convergence allows for key inventions to be updated and modified for the modern world whilst keeping the original ‘old media’ idea in tact.

Convergence also allows us to remain firmly in bed with a laptop burning our legs for several hours because thanks to technological advancement, it really has everything we need all in one place.

With over 75 million subscribers, Netflix is a key example of successful media convergence. Netflix has brought television and DVD to one website across a range of multiple viewing options.

The key benefit for users is a database which provides a collective DVD and TV experience all in the same place which can be viewed on a range of media platforms including: smart televisions; tablets; game consoles; personal computers; laptops; and phones – I’m just waiting for fridge technology to up its game-.

Users love Netflix due to such a range of choice, which can be personalised to your viewing activity and the inclusion of the release of an entire series at one time.This is not only an example of technological convergence but also cultural as we now play an active role by selecting what we want to watch we are no longer a passive audience.  It has also created the disease of the binge watchers and stolen many lives due to one- more-episode-syndrome.

For the media industry it has seen DVD and Television statistics plummet because of the convergence of cinema, DVD and television to the internet. Making the online media industry even more successful and popular whilst creating a strong buzz for Netflix as a company, even though one subscription holder may be somewhat generous with their password –30% of us share out account accidentals– but sharing is caring, right?



  1. Being one of those 75 million subscribers of Netflix, I would be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t love the idea and since being at University, use it on a daily basis… sometimes for hours on end. You’re completely right when you say it’s the range of choice available – especially with television series, the option is ours for when we watch it and how much we watch.

    However, I can see the negative effect this could have on traditional formats of television and cinema and being a media student (who loves film) it would be a great shame if we were to see cinemas slowly die out, for example. Unlike sitting at home binging on episodes, the cinema creates a unique experience. It becomes a trip or a day out and it was the way the makers intended us to the see movie visually, on the big screen.

    Currently, I don’t think Netflix provides enough option in the way of films to kill off cinemas completely but I certainly feel like it’s forced them to adapt, in the way of raising their ticket prices.

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  2. Netflix is clearly an example of businesses using advancements in technology to get ahead of the field.
    On one hand, as a subscriber, Netflix, as well as similar sites like Amazon Prime, are extremely handy, with everything all stored in one place; cutting out the middle man.
    On the other hand though, it’s sad as it’s definitely contributing heavily in killing industries. For example with Blockbuster now defunct.
    Despite people sharing accounts, the number of subscribers will only increase.


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