This American Life

This American Life is brilliant podcast series – mother behind the Serial podcasts. In particular, I think this 2015 episode containing a feature from the writer Lindy West – If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, SAY IT ALL IN CAPS – about her experience of online trolls is really good: interesting, and also relevant to the course in that it explores the relationship between digital social media and the anonymity it allows. You can listen to it here, or see the transcript of the podcast here. But it’s worth listening to This American Life anyway – the writers are great story tellers, and Ira Glass is a fantastic broadcaster.

I think it’s also worth pointing out, on a far broader scale; how interesting podcasts can be a media platform.logo-v5 Of course there are comedy and entertainment podcasts; but something like This American Life, while it is entertaining, I would suggest is better categorised as journalism. And this is another aspect of radio journalism and audio radio in general having to compete with such a bigger market now – perhaps this is why the BBC Radio stations also promote podcast versions of shows, to reclaim listeners lost to podcasts. Much like the statistics that say the majority of radio broadcasting listened to by young people is listened to online (both live and after broadcast); podcasts give stations another chance to gain figures.

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