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Finding television statistics, even statistics in general, can be tricky because there are many sites to choose from but not all are trustworthy. A website that I was introduced to and used when studying media production is BARB, which stands for broadcasters audience research board, I found this website to be very useful when in need of audience statistics whilst writing about specific programmes in the UK.

BARB calculates every statistic themselves by monitoring television viewing in many selective households, they base their findings on households that they have researched into and know can represent a minimum of 5,000 other households in the UK, so they can cover a vast amount of households for their research; obviously they can’t cover every household in the UK but that is the same with every other company/website.

stats BARB

(BBC News 7 day statistics, January 31st 2016)

BARB is supported by television companies such as Sky, ITV, Channel 5, MTV and the BBC which use their statistic figures to see how many people are watching a certain programme and advertising companies use the statistics from BARB. The statistics cover many channels from BT sport to channel 4 and shows the top 10 to 30 programmes that were most watched within a day, week or month; it also covers a great variety of different genres on television. Students are welcome to use the statistics for essays, dissertations ect…(which they state on their website) but the only problem with BARB is that if someone wishes to post the statistics further they have to subscribe which needs to be paid for, also the television statistics are only for audiences in the UK not worldwide.

I hope that this website does help some of you in the future as it did for me in my studies.

BARB website


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  1. I have used this resource before and I can say it is a great help if you’d like reliable information on statistics of UK television. However, in my essay last semester I used BBC statistics page. This was because I wanted just BBC radio and TV channels and it managed to give a more in-depth coverage. From what you said about BARB allowing these statistics to be used by students is a real help and the fact they state it on the website itself is all the better.


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