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In 2014, a friend of mine was asked do a talk for TEDx Teen (which can be found here). His talk was about how technology can save the high street. This introduced me to TED conferences, which I hadn’t heard of before.

The idea of a TED talk is to provide a platform to spread stimulating ideas through short, engaging talks, most of which take an absolute maximum of twenty minutes to watch.

Despite having opened up to other topics, traditionally, these conferences have mainly showcased ideas and observations on technological themes, of which many can be interesting and useful to us for this module.

In particular there are plenty of talks surrounding social media-a key aspect of this course. These are the talks that i’d recommend checking out for extra ideas.

Themes covered include how social media is evolving, how it affects the world we live in, and how it affects individuals. I’ll leave some you may find interesting at the bottom.

I think what sets these talks apart from other tools is that they are used as a point of discussion. Also they are deliberately short to be user friendly, which certainly helps.

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