For all of our assessments; both presentations and essays, we need to use statistics. Sometimes it can be hard to come across statistics from a reliable source, since we all now know about the huge growth of internet users who believe they hold the correct information. This is why I use Statista and I would hugely recommend it to the rest of you if you do not already know about it. We even have complete access to it with our Westminster emails.

It has statistics for just about anything we need regarding the media and the internet. In fact, they hold statistics on just about any industry. As a Public Relations and Advertising student I find this website particularly helpful as I regularly have to look at social media statistics to find the best way to reach out to consumers.

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This website is helpful for all of us who need some quick facts and it is really simple to navigate and find the information you have to look for. Not only do they hold statistics for the United Kingdom, but they have data from other countries in Europe and in the United States as well. So for example, if you ever want to know what British shows that Americans like to watch, Statista has it.

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