-The Statistics Portal


The website is an easy-to-navigate online statistics database which boasts quantitative data and statistics on “over 80,000 topics from over 18,000 sources.” The website’s client base includes media agencies and marketing departments in large companies worldwide thus ensuring it as a valid source for academic writing.

Due to its well-designed infographics on a broad variety of subjects the website has grown exponentially and now claims more than 600,000 registered users since its launch in 2008. Each infographic can be downloaded for free as a PNG, PDF, Powerpoint or Excel document. It is perfect for student use.

I have used this site’s statistics for research on multiple occasions, also to back my arguments in essays on my different university modules. From finding out the “monthly reach of national newspapers and their websites in the United Kingdom” to exploring the “leading social networks worldwide as of January 2016, ranked by number of active users (in millions)”: the statistics are always recent therefore relevant.

The Statista homepage has been made accessible for the user, categorizing its information into ‘Popular Statistics,’ ‘Recent Statistics’ and by industry. These include: Consumer goods & FMCG, Technology & Telecommunication, Sports & Recreation and Retail & Trade. This site is particularly useful for my course, PR & Advertising, as it can be used to give insights on target audiences or potential customers/clients.



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